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Here ya go Brock
//massive thumbs up despite my lateness//


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Commissions are open!!!

"I also really like keeping the tragedy factor live, even around all the humor since the things that make a character great are the things that break them //slapped// No one says that haha I made that up on the spot."

Hey people. Im not going to rant too much but just know i like flipping tables. And drawing guys in limited clothing. XD im kidding. But really, go check out my gallery. You might find something good in there. :)
Basically, if you're interested in reading my crappy story Spell Bound, I made a folder with all of the chapters to book 1 in there. It's funny, or so ive been told, and I would love to get some criticism on my terrible 9th grade writing skills (btw im in college now so... yeah. //cries// the ninth grade was amazing in terms of creativity) Good luck- i mean HAVE FUN!
I got tagged by :iconaer0hail: haha. I was planning on updating Sam's profile anyway.

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars. (I'll try)

Moody son by Liteblue-L13

1. Sam's full name is Samuel Laurel Kizomita. lol help this man with his girly middle name. He claims he goes by Sam because it "feels right", but actually it's because his dad called him Sam most of the time because Rena called Sam 'Sam' all the time and Monti is a sentimental sucker and Sam doesnt remember that fact but somewhere deep down, that memory keeps making him cringe at his full name lol. His other personality (his werewolf side) goes by Samuel though; he wont even respond when called Sam. 

2. Sam's eyes are grey and pupil-less. His iris completely covers the pupil, but he can still see real well (I'll get to that later). It's a weird trait passed down from his father's side of the family prolly because of all that got dang magic in his blood. They also change from grey to black when he's stressed out/ angry/ werewolf side takes over/ etc. It happens enough that his friends picked up on it quickly. This is also just a weird familial thing from his dad's side. WHILE WE'RE ON EYES, Sam is also (technically) a tetrachromat. He can distinguish WAY more colors than most people because his eyes are more sensitive to UV light (and because his iris covers the pupil, it's kinda like a protective film!!!). This condition gives him very impressive night vision too (i mean he's a werewolf so night vision aint nothing special). It's not caused by a 4th cone in the retina tho (photoreceptors), but actually some magic shiz is going on that filters the light and he can process it, and im too tired to think too hard tonight i have a migraine.
30 Important Expressions (WIP) by Liteblue-L13
(if you look closely, you can see that his eyes are black in some of them)
3. Sam does have fully functional human ears. Two sets of ears means super good hearing/ localization so if he ever went blind from some reason, he'd probably be fine lol. We just rarely see his regular ears because that giant fluffy mess he calls hair but is more like fur //hit// covers them. 

4. Sam's hair is actually very wavy :'D If he wasnt so dang ocd, and just let his hair air dry, it'd fluff up even more than it already does. (His kids dont get this trait tho //sighs for them//) It's also in the style of a bob, kind of like Satsunae's hair lol, it's just hard to tell. His hair also has some weird color things going on with it like his eyes. The edges?? of his hair are darker than the middle parts. I kinda think of it like the new growth is less smooth so it looks grayer than the ends since they are older and the cuticle has smoothed out, but I'm 80% sure hair doesnt work like that so I'll just say 'because magic'.

5. Even though Sam is HIGHLY SKILLED in magical arts n stuff, he refuses to use it casually/ in daily life. He kinda feels wrong using it for trivial things, especially since he knows how dangerous it really is. That doesnt mean he wont use it to catch a falling plate or prevent serious household mishaps (do yall know how many times the triplets have launched themselves off of the stairs as babies... Sam's had to catch them every time lmfao why am i laughing so hard at that)

6. Sam is low key a doge. He's definitely a cat, but also very much a needy puppy who just wants a hug, some sleep, and food. lol He's also easily amused by child's play. Even as an adult, he'd be more than down to play a game of hide-and-seek or tag. So basically he's a shiba inu //hit// he happens to like cats more tho lol
Here's a random pic of Samuel because it's my phone's wallpaper currently:
Come Alive by Liteblue-L13

7. SAM TRAINS HARDER THAN A MUFFUGA. He's already freaking ripped af but he can't stop pushing himself. Probably that ocd kicking in. Like. He's so dang extra. The man cant just do basic pushups. Nah. Fam gotta have a 100lb weight strapped to his back, one handed, gravity turned up by 5, inclined or on some dang bamboo sticks like in those old kung-fu movies, with reps no less than 300. SO DANG EXTRA. Dont get me started on magic training. Sam took 'puppet master' said "screw yall rules" and decided to try to control all the elements at once... and totally nailed it. Had the ministers shook. (i need to redo this one: Bending)

8. SPEAKING OF MAGIC, Sam uses magic to keep his staff spinning with little effort, and I dont mean twirl it like with both hands. He learned 'magnetism' very early on. So basically anything made of metal can be easily manipulated as long as Sam's near it. He doesnt even have to hold his staff; it stays just about half an inch away from his palm when he spins it so it stays put and he only needs one hand to keep it moving. This allows him to do some really (normally impossible) attacks with his staff, AND he can channel electricity through it :'D haha git wreckt Romeo.

See here:
Sam work ref by Liteblue-L13
I think it's really cool lol. (Once he gets the magic staff in Book 2, he learns how to use the naturally magnetic material in it to his advantage, which is why he can 'call it back' to him when it's away. I mean, Sam was also on some next level shit when he did this in book 2 but he figures it out in a more casual sense once he recoVERS FROM ALMOST DYING)

Sam has a SLEW of mental health issues. OCD, PTSD, Multiple Personality Disorder (wassup Samuel), Chronic Depression, and Bipolar disorder (kinda. Blame the split personality). I might be missing something... i cant remember. WAIT OH YEAH. RETROGRADE AND MILD ANTEROGRADE AMNESIA haha how did i just.... My son is all kinds of messed up. He's VERY strongly medicated, and sees Dr. Gestalt for therapy. On that note, psychic therapy helps a lot bUT PSYCHICS CANT READ THE GUY under normal circumstances because a collective consciousness makes it hard to focus on just one personality. Two Sams is enough to blow that plan out of the window. Satsunae got used to Sam's 'wavelength' and figured out how to read him just by spending a lot of time around him, and eventually is able to 'get in his head', though she frequently gets pushed out when Sam grows unstable (which happens like every 10 minutes lol help him). MONTHS of practice and trust allowed Satsunae to finally get a strong enough hold on Sam's wavelength to actually meet his separate personalities at the same time while in Sam's mind, and she was tripped tf out lol. All of that help has kept him functional, but before that, he was a mess and i'm not ready to talk about it because it can get very heavy. :'3c
Cat ears 64 by Liteblue-L13


Ah tagging, yes. The hardest part. Sorry in advance lmao
  • :iconunstablereactor: - Crosseyes, Castellia, and Kimeko (sorry i picked 3 haha)
  • :iconeternalkage: - Yuki and Ophelie (dem girlz)
  • :iconakapolarbear: - Ya boy Jim R. Auger
  • :iconrecilince: - Riku and Kieran (dem boiz)
Hope you guys enjoyed reading about my very extra son! :'D
  • Listening to: Kisser (lazerdisk remix) - Step Rockets
  • Drinking: spiked cranberry juice lmao im so tired


I was in a great mood, catching up with Boku no Hero Academia and got sucked into an after dinner, hour long argument between my parents about some crap I aint even wanna be a part of (it was about Track of course). Now I have a migraine. //sigh//
Pokemon Go is great fun and exercise haha. I just walked 3.1 miles in 95 degree weather to hatch a Krabby. :iconimsotiredplz:
Freaking spiders in people's rooms. I just wanted to relax and draw. Bloody hell.
Ahh yes. Cookouts and parties. For 3 days straight. This is the best ways to stress me out beyond function, overwhelm my senses, and give me a killer migraine which will make me withdraw completely from sight as attempt to damage control. Happy 4th ya'll.
Best way to cope from hurt feelings and a sense of not belonging is to go upstairs, throw in the headphones, play ya favorite playlist with all your fav music, and draw. :'D



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